Directions to the Cottages

Driving Distances:

  • From Bangor, Maine (Bangor International Airport-Domestic and international flights) . . . 50 miles or about 1-1/2 hour's drive.
  • From Trenton, Maine (Bar Harbor Airport/smaller commercial airlines) . . . 35 miles or about 45 minute's drive.
  • From Camden, Maine . . . 60 miles or 1 1/2 hour's drive.
  • From Portland, Maine . . . 142 miles or 3 hour's drive.
  • From Boston, Massachusetts . . . 250 miles or 5 hour's drive.
  • From Quebec City, Quebec . . . 279 miles (440 km) or 5 hour's drive.

Print the following to bring with you because cell reception can be spotty. It will make a big difference as you leave Bucksport.

From the South (Boston area)

Take Interstate 95 north to Exit 44 (formerly Exit 6-A). From there, take Interstate 295 north to where it re-joins Interstate 95 in Gardiner. Take Interstate 95 north to Exit 113. From this exit, take Route 3 east to Bucksport (watch out for speed control officers in Bucksport). Stay on Route 3(and R15) for a few miles (The Big Apple gas station is at the junction where R15 turns off toward Blue Hill). Turn right onto R15 south to the town of Blue Hill. As you enter downtown Blue Hill, Jud Hartman Gallery is straight ahead.

Turn right on R15 toward Sedgwick & Deer Isle. Continue South through Blue Hill. When you reach the round-about, head straight on Rt. 15 toward Stonington and Deer Isle. Drive about four miles and turn left at the stop sign. This is the intersection of Snow's Cove Road and the Mines Road, to the right is R176; to the left is R15. Turn left on R15 toward Deer Isle. You will be on Snow's Cove Road/R15. Follow R15 South toward Deer Isle and Stonington.

Drive about three miles. Eventually you'll drive to the crest of the hill. As you approach you'll see the sign for R175 and for "Holbrook Island Sanctuary" to the right. There will be a four-way intersection here. Leave R15 and turn right on R175 and go toward "Holbrook Island Sanctuary" and S. Brooksville." You will be on Coastal Road.

Coastal Road goes down the hill. You'll drive over a little bridge that spans the North end of Walker Pond. After the bridge will be several houses, and the road will split (R175 goes right). Make sure you stay to the left and continue on Coastal Road. There is a large sign that points left to "Holbrook Island Sanctuary." Stay left on Coastal Road. Drive approximately 1 mile passing Lakeview Cemetery's arched gate on the left. As you wind down the hill, Herrick Road is on the left (it is not a cross street, it only goes left off Coastal Road). Drive about 2 miles to 435 Herrick Road. Turn right just before the white barn at the entrance. The big, three story old hotel is on Oakland House Road.

Drive around the hotel lawn to the right and keep going straight on Oakland House Road. Pass Flagstaff Cottage on the left, then Grindstone Cottage on the left. Crow’s Nest Cottage is at the top of the loop in the road. Lone Pine Cottage is a short left turn before you get to the loop.

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Map to Rustic Maine Cottages