Lone Pine and Crow’s Nest Cottages are peacefully situated in a natural coastal setting in Brooksville, Maine. They are centrally located to Blue Hill, Sedgwick, Deer Isle, Stonington, Castine, and Brooklin. You’ll find farmers' markets, fresh caught lobster, seafood specialty restaurants, galleries, nature preserves, live performances and more events than could be seen in a day. There is plenty to do . . . if you care to adventure from your comfortable retreat.

  • Trade Winds Market has a good selection of most food items. National brands, fish, lobster, meats, produce and lots of organic and specialty items.
  • Blue Hill Co-op is the local place to buy all natural and organic foods. There is a bakery that makes wonderful baked goods, prepares sandwiches, dinner items, and take out items and fresh coffee daily. It is a hangout for locals who are looking for a quick bite and healthy fare.
  • Bucks Harbor Market is a local hangout place . . . well, there are a few tables indoors and one or two on the porch. It is a good place to get breakfast, coffee, and baked goods. The market has enough of a selection of items to get your through a delightful day in Maine. Next door is Buck's Restaurant . . . fine dining. Drinks & Nightlife
  • Eggemoggin Country Store is just up the road from us on Caterpillar Hill Road, Rt. 15. It’s the place for newspapers, morning baked goods, coffee, basic staples, meat, fish, dairy, a small selection of produce, beverages and alcohol, ice cream, frozen items, and gasoline. Maybe batteries, tape and bandaids etc.
  • Burnt Cove Market in Stonington, A good market with lots of offerings. Next door is V&S Hardware which is a beautifully organized and stocked hardware store.
Restaurants and Take-outs
  • Marlintini's Grill offers a fun and lively atmosphere. not only are they a bar, but also a restaurant. There are several televisions that air sporting events, as well as friendly wait-staff and bartenders.
  • Arborvine fine Dining . . . cozy, colonial feel interior. The food is really good. This is a dress up, fancy place to go. It would be in the memorable category.
  • Deep Water Brewing Company is the Arborvine’s adjacent brewing company with casual dining and a backyard open air dining space.
  • Blaze is a newcomer on the site of the old Wescott Forge in the heart of downtown Blue Hill. Information on its casual dining, barbecue and bar offerings is forthcoming.
  • El El Frijoles is a Mexican style restaurant a short drive (or hike) away.
  • Fish Net is a casual take-out restaurant. Open during the warmer months of the year. Seafood, burgers, ice cream are its specialties. Live Lobster can be purchased here too.
  • LDI Lobster (Little Deer Isle Lobster) is just over the Deer Isle Bridge with outdoor dining on picnic tables along the shore of Eggemoggin Reach. The lobster rolls are great. There is a selection of other items too.
  • Bagaduce Lunch is a classic Maine take-out restaurant. Some say it has the best lobster rolls around. There are picnic tables outdoors with views of the Bagaduce River.
  • Perry’s Lobster Shack is right on the oceanfront, a classic old-fashioned seafood/lobster shack for a summer meal. Drive down this out of the way road on Newbury Neck and see the Downeast as it is. NICE!
  • Sandy’s Blue Hill Café is great for breakfast or lunch or take-out. It’s in the center of downtown Blue Hill.
  • Finn’s Irish Pub has a great, relaxed atmosphere, wide selection of beers on tap. And, great food. It's not over the top expensive and is always busy. Live music on a frequent although not nightly basis. Ellsworth, about 35 min. drive from here.
Live Lobster
  • Stonington Lobster Co-op in Stonington, Maine, about a half-hour drive from here. If you want a really big lobster(s) call ahead and place an order.
  • Other options: Eggemoggin Country Store, Trade Winds, Fish Net, local lobster men by word of mouth.
Organic and Local Fresh Produce
  • Four Season Farm is a nationwide known organic farm whose owners were part of the original "back to the landers" movement in this area.
  • Farmer’s Markets occur in the nearby towns on alternating days of the week. Brooksville’s is on Tuesday mornings and is held in the parking lot by the Brooksville Community Center.
On the Water Activities
  • The Activity Shop has super nice folks who rent kayaks, bikes and canoes. Call ahead and reserve. They will deliver and pick up so you don't have to worry about that.
  • Castine Kayak Adventures is a very cool place to hire a guided kayak tour of the nearby coastal area. Guests seem to love their Bioluminescent kayak tours at night.
  • Isle au Haut Boat Services/The Mailboat will take you and your bicycles to Isle au Haut. You can get off at the dock that serves the portion of the island that is owned by Acadia National Park or get off at the public dock in town (what town? it's a tiny berg). The Mailboat does not take cars but the island has paved and gravel roads. It's worth a day trip for the sightseeing adventure and the vintage cars you might see.
Nearby Nature Preserves for a Wealth of Amazing Hiking Trails and Sightseeing Locations Culture and the Arts Getting Around
  • Island Explorer Buses are free to tourists in and around Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor. It's a great way to sight see and avoid the traffic. There are pick-up spots in Ellsworth.
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